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Welcome To Kalpanjali Physiotherapy

We wish to introduce Kalpanjali Physiotherapy Clinic is one of the oldest and leading clinics in Gurgaon, providing healty lifestyle solution programs and service to individuals, groups, societies and corporates since 2008. Kalpanjali Physiotherapy clinic in Gurgaon is specializing in reducing pain, emotional tension, improve joint range of motion, muscle strength & flexibility & improve all daily living activity.

People who are suffering from any of these medical conditions can benefit immensely from regular physiotherapy from a trained professional. There are a few reputed clinics that offer services for physiotherapy centers in Gurgaon residents can benefit from. These clinics also see a lot of patients from the NCR region that travel to Gurgaon to get world class treatment. Home visitation services are also available which chronic patients can use to get better so that they can start visiting the clinic for complete treatment.

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Few of our expertise in:

 Cervical Spondylitis  Neck Pain  Back Pain  Sciatica
 PIVD  Knee Pain  Ankle & Foot Pain  Frozen Shoulder
 Tennis Elbow  Paralysis  Pre and Post Surgical Exercise  Parkinson
 Knee and Hip Replacement Exercise  Any type of Ligament and Muscle Injuries

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Dr. Vipin Kumar - +91-9990329044

Dr. Sumit Baliyan - +91-9911372893


I got my Stiff Neck treatment at kalpanjali physiotherapy clinic in gurgaon. I got best of the treatment mixed with yoga and physiotherapy. Physiotherapy doctors and yoga guru was excellent. Best yoga center in gurgaon.

Hi Many many thanks to Kalpanjali Team for curing my Neck Pain . I was suffering from severe neck pain and could not enjoy my liffe and and also not able to concentrate at my workplace. I underwent so many treatments but results being failure...At last I heard of Kalpanjali from one of my colleagues and started undergoing treatment. Today I am very much relieved of this pain.

Great center with caring doctors. Yoja teacher very approachable and skilled. 2 doctors speak excellent english and are also approachable and flexible (sometimes sessions were after work). Went there to improve posture, neck and general fitness. Over 8 weeks the treatment was excellent. Would recommend to locals and expats (I am one) who are living or visiting the Gurgaon area.

Stephen and Elena
We provide Home Physiotherapy by well qualified Physiotherapists in Gurgaon and NCR for those it is not possible to get physiotherapy at the clinic.